Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tribes - Wish To Scream

So, Tribes are back!

After the success of 2012's Baby, incessant writing and recording has dominated life for Johnny Lloyd and co. During summer 2012 the Camden boys shipped out to LA and recorded new album Wish To Scream, a 1970s American glam-rock and blues inspired record.

The production of Wish to Scream alone is a complete contrast to Tribes' debut, with the band ditching their Pixies/Pavement tones for something distinctly more retrospective. Similarly to Mystery Jets' Radlands, the influence of recording in the USA is vividly audible, with Lloyd's epic slide guitar riffs and ballads oozing San Francisco sunshine.

The new LP is a must-buy, soundtracking the summer with soon-to-be festival favourites such as Shangri-La and Dancehall. Tribes certainly haven't lost their feel-good touch, despite what the critics may say.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Dancehall, Wrapped Up In A Carpet

Hear Wish To Scream for free below.

Drowned In Sound: 5/10
NME: 4/10
KYEP: 6/10

Wish To Scream is out 20th May on Island Records.

Pre-order on iTunes here
Pre-order on Amazon here
Pre-order from Banquet Records here
Pre-order exclusive UK formats at Tribes' website here

Also, be sure to find Tribes on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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