Monday, 20 May 2013

Smith Westerns - Soft Will

Chicago garage-rock trio Smith Westerns make their highly anticipated return this summer, with their new album Soft Will. The band's third full-length is due for release June 25th via Mom + Pop records.

Soft Will is set to see Smith Westerns progress from guitar riff-orientated 2011 breakthrough Dye It Blonde, with a spacier, more ambient vibe. The latest track to be debuted from the album is the psychedelic Beatles/Pink Floyd sounding 3am Spiritual. Opening up the record, 3am Spiritual sets the tone for what we might expect, having also heard lead single Varsity's effortless coolIt is clear that the Omori brothers haven't left their epic hooks behind, with newer songs maintaining the glam, swooping hooks of their sophomore album.

Check out 3am Spiritual below.

Soft Will Tracklist:
01. 3am Spiritual
02. Idol
03. Glossed
05. Fool Proof
06. White Oath
07. Only Natural
08. Best Friend
09. Cheer Up
10. Varsity

Smith Westerns website

Also, find Smith Westerns on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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