Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mystery Jets

Mystery Jets are back! After the success of 2010's Serotonin, the Twickenham five-piece have returned with  new song Someone Purer, a preview of LP number four. Opening with a melancholic guitar line and lyrics to match the mood, the song tells a tale of childhood fear "I was scratching at my skin / Hoping changes would begin". Soon follows a catchy chorus echoing that of Serotonin from the band's third album of the same name;  with Blaine Harrison's emphatic vocals gliding over a collision of fuzz guitar and crashing cymbals and drums. "Give me rock'n'roll" Harrison cries out, voicing the needs of a generation whose guitar bands have been replaced with 'dubstep' and X Factor boy bands.

The band set up a home recording studio in a country house by the Colorado river in the Westlake area of Austin, Texas where they spent two months writing and recording songs for the new record.  Two other confirmed tracks are Radlands and Sister Everett. Lead singer Blaine Harrison traveled to California in early July to get inspiration and imagery for the songs with Sister Everett based on the band's experience in meeting a nun from the Church of Latter Day Saints on their journey over to Texas. Blaine says she was trying to convert guitarist William and handed him her business card as they landed, from which the title of the song was taken.

Mystery Jets announced that a tour will start on 28th March, continuing through April with a final gig at Brixton Academy on the 18th May.

The band's new album, Radlands is released on 30th April on Rough Trade Records.

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NME: 8/10

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