Friday, 2 December 2011


The saviours have arrived. Camden four-piece Tribes, a brand spanking new indie rock outfit formed in 2010 are Island Records' latest offering. With Libertine-esque hype surrounding the band with XFM, NME and even Zane Lowe singing their praises in recent months, it's time to see what it's all about - the songs, the image, the band.

Set to rock the country and even the world with songs of childhood and adolescence and looking like they've walked straight out of Kurt Cobain's wardrobe, these guys are the true cool kids in town. Although influenced by a period of American 80's and 90's indie, the likes of Pavement, REM and Pixies, Tribes are still a "very British band" according to lead vocalist Johnny Lloyd. They know what to do. Let's put it this way: the future of rock'n'roll is in safe hands.

April saw the release of Tribes' first EP, We Were Children, which proved a huge success, provoking huge crowds and spine tingling singalongs at Reading festival this year. We Were Children is a melody that will really hit home, a tune that is bound to make you want to sing out loud as soon as you hear the opening guitar riff. The lyric "These things happen / we were children in the mid nineties" just oozes a devil may care attitude, the effortless songwriting ability of Lloyd is undeniable.

Even indie icons the Mystery Jets have christened them "the future of rock'n'roll". Let's hope they deliver eh? Debut LP Baby is released on 16 January.

OUT NOW: We Were Children EP
OUT NOW: When My Day Comes EP

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